An Insight

Experience. Express. Inspire. That is why I set up this blog.

Why Follow this site?

I have designed this site to be clear and simple. There are no fancy unnecessary graphics or logos. I aim to make the blogs on this site of a consistently high quality and packed with useful information.

Through writing about travel experiences and incorporating my own (hopefully) good quality photographs, I want to convey and express a sense of what it’s like to be there, to inspire.

My Principles 

My underpinning principles are honesty, integrity and accuracy. I want this to be a travel blog you can trust.

About Me

I’m in my 30s. I don’t do package holidays or all-inclusive – I’m much more independently minded than that. I research and make all my own travel arrangements (admittedly with a little help from my good wife!)

I love books, writing and photography. I’m a Buddhist. I believe in mindfulness and displaying compassion towards other living things on this planet.

My travel photos are taken with my trusty little Panasonic point-and-shoot camera. I don’t own an SLR and no longer own a smartphone.

Welcome and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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The Boring Stuff:

Affiliates & Advertising. I keep adverts on this site to a minimum. I will not advertise any product or service I haven’t personally used, or bought, and that I wouldn’t happily recommend to my own family. For your convenience some links may take you to a third party website. In a few instances this may earn me a small commission – in most cases it does not and the link is solely for your convenience. This will never increase the cost you pay if you make a purchase. Running a website costs money. Anything generated from this site will go back into it.